Monday, October 19, 2009

Once upon a time, I had a crafty sister in arms named Amy Choppa. She was one of my first internet crafting pals and we'd send packages back and forth via "Choppa Mail" which was actually ziplock bags and tupperware containers taped closed (but see-through, so the mailmen/mailwomen handling them could get a smile). It was great!

And then not so long ago, Ms. Choppa got married and became Mrs. DoubleYou and soon she's going to be Mommy DoubleYou! I am, needless to say, very excited for her (and Mr. DoubleYou too!).

After trying my hand at painting the Giggly Family, I decided to paint the DoubleYou family! Baby DoubleYou hasn't actually made his entrance, er, exit (as it were) so I cannot say that he will be born with a single curl of hair on his head. I can, however, confirm that he will have a onesie with muscles painted on it! I thought this was utterly hilarious, so I painted Baby DoubleYou with it on.

I also included the DoubleYou dogs, Ruby & Clementine, who are Boston Terriers. This was my first time ever painting animals as peg people and I am pretty happy with them. I tried to mimic the dogs' coloring and patterns, but as always with peg people, they're not exact! :)

Matt, Amy, & Family

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Giggly said...

So darn cute. :-)