Monday, September 27, 2010

Giddy Giveaway!

Fall is here and even though the local temperatures are in the 90's, it's time to start thinking about autumn and Halloween is just around the corner! That's why I was inspired to have a Giddy Giveaway!

I'm giving away a hand-embroidered jack-o-lantern, based on vintage clip art. His happy face glows in the dark, so you can see him smiling at you, no matter what time of day it is! This piece comes in the frame shown (faux woodgrain, flex-hoop frame) that is 3.5" tall and approx. 2.5" wide. The fabric has a tone-on-tone white print with leaves -- perfect for Fall! There is also excess fabric around the frame, so that you can remove it or re-frame it, if you'd prefer.

Giddy Giveaway!

To win:

  1. Leave a comment, letting me know you want it!
  2. Tell me - what's your favorite kind of jack-o-lantern? Do you like "classic faces" or do you prefer to use your pumpkin in a more creative way?
  3. Please note: unless your profile allows for everyone to view your full Google profile and email address, I cannot see it either. If you're unsure, please include your email address in your comment.
  4. I'll draw the name on Friday, October 8th and I'll contact the winner to get their mailing info.

Some photos taken at Disneyland, made by their master pumpkin carvers on display throughout Halloweentime.

100_0106100_0107100_0099StormtrooperCinderella's Pumkin CoachMickey & Minnie


kym said...

I love the creative pumpkins the best, the people who carve them are so talented and artistic.

I would love to be in this email address is:


Perla said...

I agree with Kym. I love the creative pumpkins where they carve out pictures or drawings instead of a jolly or scary face.

Um, Of course I want it! Its amazing :D


:D Happy Crafting!

Bean said...

pick me!!!

my favorite kind of jack-o-lanterns are the ones that are barfing up their seedy guts, but I never make one myself because I love to eat the roasted seeds too much!!! :)

kittykill said...

Of course I want it! I love silly Jack-o-lanterns or maybe ones with classic faces. Actually. I love them all!

My email is

Anonymous said...

Whew! I almost missed your giveaway! sorry...I was under a I am! and I want it!

deborah_Nardozzi said...

Oooooh! I want it too! I like the classic faces best. I think because I know I can do those. I appreciate the cool carvings but if I had to choose between all classic or all carves I'd go classic all the way.
<3 Deborah Nardozzi

christine said...

Would love the Jack-O-Lantern!

I love the type of jack-o-lanterns they do at Disneyland the best. I love to see their carvings and how they turned an ordinary pumpking into a person or spooky something.

giddy girlie said...

comment for Sandy, who entered on FB

giddy girlie said...

comment for Sandy, who entered on FB