Friday, March 5, 2010

Phat Quarter Swap - Comics & Cartoons

If you're into stitchery, I highly recommend that you join/follow the Phat Quarter group on Flickr. There are some amazing artists that will melt your brains over there! Plus, if you participate in the message boards, you might be able to get yourself in on a litle swappy goodness!

The latest PQ swap was themed around Comics and Cartoons. The swappers were randomly assigned for a 'forward swap' meaning that I made a piece for one person and received a piece from someone else. Which is a fun way to do it, in my opinion!

SO! I asked my recipient if she had any preferences or characters that she particularly liked. She gave me a few and said that Wonder Woman and Snoopy were near the top of her list. So I thought about it for a while and then came up with this: Wonder Woman as a stitcher, embroidering Snoopy!

In her right hand, Wonder Woman holds a silver needle (hard to see in pictures) that is threaded with red thread which leads to the "embroidery hoop" that she is working on and stitching a heart above Snoopy. The "embroidery hoop" is an applique, as is the chair fabric. I was torn on how to handle the chair fabric -- I thought outlining the chair with stitches would muddy the print of the fabric or just make it 'too much' but now that it's gone (to New Zealand!) the rough edges of the fabric stand out to me and I wish I could outline it!!

I also wish I hadn't pulled so hard on her hair. I decided to try a stem stitch for the hair to give it a slight 'curl' although, it puckered the fabric a little around her face. *sigh* Can I have a do-over?!

Wonder Woman for Phat Quarter swap

Wonder Woman for Phat Quarter swap

I received this FABULOUS embroidery piece of The Tick from Pam -- who is clearly a master! I had to ask about the color tinting and she says that it's a standard crayon tint, but that she'd had a piece of stabilizer behind the fabric when she ironed it (which lifts some of the crayon wax) and it caused this dotted texture. I LOVE IT! It makes me think of the old dot printing on comic books -- or Lichtenstein! This is definitely something that I will have to learn how to do!

Until then, behold: the Tick!

crayon tinted w/a little texture makes it look like dot printing! love!

The Tick! stitched by Pam

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Giggly said...

This has been such an awesome swap!! I love what you received and what you made. The most original stitch piece!! I love it so much...I can't stand it. ;-)