Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wonder Woman

At the Long Beach Comic Con, I was fortunate to meet bunch of great people and some of them even took home my art - hooray! One lady made a purchase at the show and inquired about a commission of Wonder Woman, which I thought would be a fun idea. And this is how it turned out:

Wonder Woman commission painting

Closer detail of the face:

Wonder Woman commission painting

For some of the more recent paintings, I've been less of a stickler about the detail dots (like the eyes, lips, etc.) being the same size as the background/fill-in dots, and so I've been able to capture finer details, which I think look a little nicer -- as long as you don't mind the size differences. On this painting, I decide to complete her entire outline in small dots and then fill in with the larger ones (larger, of course, being a relative term - each of these background dots is something like 2-3mm), so that the outline of her hair, shoulders, costume, etc. all match the smaller dot details on the face, which gives it a bit more of a cohesive look (I think? Maybe?).

I also used a few blue streaks to show the highlights and movement in her hair, which don't show up as bright as I'd prefer, but hopefully they work as a subtle suggestion at least (I think? Maybe?).

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s a n s k u :) said...

love these dot paintings!! i'm still trying to decide what i'd like to get done. twilight! edward and bella! would you be able to do something like that?