Tuesday, November 24, 2009

hand-stitched quilt project

Calling all stitchers! If you haven't already, there is still time to submit a piece for Moster8me's hand-stitched quilt project. She's requested that everyone send in a 4x6" fabric piece with your name and city on it -- sort of a stitched postcard quilt. Below is an update posted in September of the pieces she's received so far:

click the image to see the details on who each piece is fromStitch Project as of 9/28/09!

For my piece, I decided to embroider the girlie from my logo onto a purple floral fat quarter piece. I used DMC Light Effects thread for the dress, for a shimmery look, which turned out nifty (even if my photography is kinda poopy). I also didn't use the same font for the "Giddy Girlie" parts mainly because it was a little too challenging to sketch the letters on to the fabric (I don't use iron-on transfers, so I have to pencil in my lines) and instead swapped it for a more open and readable font.

quilt piece for Moster8me's stitchers quilt

The girlie is done in all satin stitch, the Giddy Girlie lettering is in a seed stitch, and the city name is a chain stitch.

quilt piece for Moster8me's stitchers quilt

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