Thursday, January 29, 2015

Homer and Marge Simpson beanies and accessories

I am a fanatic when it comes to The Simpsons and so when we decided to take The Kidlet to Universal Studios for a surprise birthday trip, I knew this would be the perfect time to create an homage. At Universal Studios, there is a Simpsons ride and an entire Springfield built around it. Plus you get to meet the characters!

I started first with the Homer beanie. The construction was pretty straight-forward. It's just an average beanie, all in yellow. When it was complete, I needed to add Homer's trademark hair. For the top hairs, I simply chained a long row in black and did a single stitch across, as tight as I could. This made it stand up easily (in fact, it almost manipulates like a pipe cleaner). For the back of his head, I opted for a zig-zag stitch in a single row made of double crochet stitches. This gave it the perfect height and line weight to resemble his hair.

But what is any outfit without accessories? So I decided to make an accompanying scarf out of donuts. Mmm.... donuts! At first, I'd planned to make a full dozen, but changed my mind halfway through to include Homer's muzzle instead. Since the donuts can't easily be tied around your neck to keep you warm, the muzzle piece keeps your neck warm AND it can be used to cover the face if its actually cold.

The large safety pin that you see in the picture above is actually a skirt/kilt pin that I had. I used it to clip the donuts together when worn as a straight scarf - that way they don't blow around or turn upside down.

I did take good notes as I was making the muzzle and scarf - I will post a pattern soon!

The Marge beanie was a no-brainer. I'd recently made my first beanie using the bobble stitch and I knew right away that's what I'd use for Marge. I used the pattern found here and then added four rows to the back part of the beanie, which gives it a bit of a "mullet" look.

For Marge's necklace, I decided that a crochet piece would match best so I simply made red circles and sewed them all together. They started curling into themselves by the end of the day which gives them more of a spherical appearance, but they're actually flat circles.

I was pretty happy with the way everything turned out but it was so exciting when the people who work at the Springfield section of the park would compliment us. And when Marge and Homer came out for a photo op, they insisted on kissing and hugging us -- and Homer tried to take a bite out of the donuts!

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