Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I want to AXE you a question

My bestie, Kate, wrote an amazing novel that was published last year, called The Woodcutter and ever since then my ideas for gifts for her revolve around lumberjacks and fairies. I'm sure that a moratorium will be called soon enough - until then: one more!

So last week Kate was sick sick sick with that horrible flu that was swirling around, so I decided what she needed was a pocket lumberjack to AXE her if she needed a tissue. Inspired by a design I saw online, I came up with this denim pouch with a lumberjack applique on the front.

His face and beard are appliqued felt pieces and his eyes are safety eye buttons (no choking hazard!).

tissue holder

I used a piece of leftover denim from an old pair of jeans and created a pattern for an envelope-shaped pouch to hold the tissues.

border complete

I used a small piece of velcro to hold it closed and protect the tissues.

tissue holder

Inside the pouch holds a single pocket-sized pack of tissues.

tissue holder


Kate D. said...

I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I WANT TO MARRY HIM!!!! Every time I pull him out of my purse, I get the goofiest grin... LOVE HIM!!!

Lisa Leggett said...

Giddy, he's so cute! Who wouldn't want their very own little lumberjack in thier purse? This is terrific, love it!