Friday, June 11, 2010

wedding cake toppers

I was recently asked if I made wedding cake toppers out of my peg people. I haven't yet, so I wanted to test out painting a bridal party - just to make sure I've got the Right Stuff. What do you think? Be honest!

I used my sister's recent wedding as the jumping-off point for the attire. Her dress had tone-on-tone embroidery that had small crystal beads stitched into the design, which I replicated by doing a tone-on-tone painted detail and then touched up with irridescent glitter paint for sparkle. Her veil was shoulder-length and was dotted with rhinestone jewels, which I have also included on my tiny bride's veil.

bridal party

bridal party

bridal party

bridal party - vows

bridal party - first dance

bride peg person - 'embroidered' details with glitter paint accent to simulate rhinestones

veil with 'rhinestones'

veil with 'rhinestone' accents throughout

The bridesmaids wore pink sashes that also had an embroidery and crystal detail on them, along with rhinestone barrettes -- I used the same glitter paint on the barrette.

bridesmaid - pink scarf has 'rhinestone' design accents

bridesmaid - 'rhinestone' barrette

bridesmaid - pink scarf tie in the back

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Delilah H. said...

Those are VERY cute! Love the idea. :-)

Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppers said...

Your bride and groom wedding cake toppers look excellent! I find them very cute. The only suggestion I would make is to possible put more rhinestone jewels on the bride, or maybe the bride carrying a little flower bouquet. Maybe instead of painting the veil you could use some white mesh material. Anyways I like them a lot and think you've found a neat niche.