Tuesday, January 12, 2010

cross stitch bookmark

I made this bookmark a while back for a friend's birthday and just realized I never posted it here. Tsk! Tsk! A bookmark doesn't look like much, but I learned a LOT from stitching this piece.

Firstly, don't use the chart on the packaging. I designed the font and placement of the letters based on the chart that was included, which turned out to be woefully inaccurate. And when did I discover that? Oh, you know, when I was nearly done with the second line! D'oh! So the words are very close together, unnecessarily. Whoops!

Secondly, filament thread is a pain in the patootie! Yeah, I said it! Take that filament makers! I had never worked with it before and I wasn't prepared for the snagging (oh, the snagging!) and the unraveling (raveling!) and general disfunction. Fortunately, I had stitched all the black first - because I was afraid the silver would twist too much into the black and wouldn't be visible. So I stitched all the letters and then stitched over those stitches with the silver thread. In the end, it is hard to see and caused my hair to turn grey.

in the natural light

Lastly, I learned that I don't really like stitching without a hoop. Because I don't like to move my work through a hoop (so that the hoop presses on completed stitches -- it's a thing), I like to use a large enough hoop to work in the center and trim the excess. But with a rectangular shape, that's hard to do, so I just held the fabric as I stitched. Too loose.

In the end, it's a janky piece of work that is loose and crowded and the back looks like a nest of tangled vipers, but hey! It's a gift, so no one can complain! bwah ha ha ha!

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