Thursday, December 31, 2009

cross stitch lockets

Inspired by a conversation over in the Phat Quarter stitchery group on Flickr, I decided to try making cross stitch lockets! I found some small, plain lockets at a local bead store that are about the size of a dime and set to work! I used the smallest aida cloth that I had and adapted some designs to fit (these are SMALL - the total height is 11 stitches, the widest part is 7 stitches) which was a fun challenge.

I found a pattern for a parakeet to use for Kate, plus a "K" monogram that was simple enough to fit in the tiny space. I took a picture next to a penny for comparison.

cross stitch pieces I made for gift lockets

I forgot to take a picture of the completed locket until after I gave it to Kate -- at the end of a very messy dinner (mmm!) and I took pictures on the messy table (the red arrow is pointing to me, next to the word "slob").

cross stitch locket I made for Kate

And Kate immediately added it to the necklace that she was wearing (another parakeet finding that I bought. *cough* I guess I need some new gift ideas).

cross stitch locket I made for Kate

cross stitch locket I made for Kate

I also made a second locket for Bridget (beefranck) that is en route to Beefranck World Headquarters and, of course, I forgot to take a picture of that one completed. Curses! Spoiler: if you look closely at the top picture, you'll see a B and an F which... you know... ahem...

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jelly said...

that is such a cute, original idea.

Giggly said...

I can't handle the adorableness!!!