Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thank you, Craftster

After my most recent post about the Dr. Girlfriend painting, I've gotten a lot of comments through Craftster, as well as through email and Flickr -- and I'm even making new friends (several people have added me and left nice messages via Flickr) and it's such a nice feeling! I'm glad that people are inspired to try something new, something silly and just go wild with it -- which is what Craftster is all about!

I've been such a looky-loo over at Craftster and I realize that I haven't contributed all that many posts -- something I really should fix (because everyone wants to hear from me, right?).

Eventually, I'll get around to more tutorial type stuff, instead of just showing off what I've made. But until then, here are some topics that I created on Craftster that you might be interested in:

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