Tuesday, July 28, 2009

IT Crowd Cross Stitch Love

By now you probably already know how much I adore the IT Crowd (you can tell by the constant quoting) and I can't remember if I ever did a blog post about the IT Crowd-inspired Christmas gift that I made for Ryan.

Long story short: inspired by the IT Crowd cross stitch piece by Beth Garrison, I whipped up my own pattern (download it here) and then cross stitched Moss's head onto a cell phone case for Ryan.

Yesterday, I saw a note from Graham Linehan on Twitter

So I clicked the link, which went to his blog and in addition to being good news about where some of us US-based nerds can get their grubby paws on the season one commentary for the IT Crowd, there is a picture of my Moss cross-stitch. Which means, basically Graham Linehan saw my Flickr picture! Rejoice!

After doing a little Happy Dance of Happiness, I re-tweeted his message, adding in my 2 (non-biased) cents:

and THEN he tweeted back to me!

And then today, he sent the same message again, to make sure that everyone saw my art the important announcement and had apologized for duplicating the message, so I said


and HE said

So, basically, we are BFFs and as soon as I move to England or he moves to California, we're going to start hanging out all the time and probably go on rollercoasters and stuff. Ryan is now convinced that I have "Made It" so please form a line to the left for autographs. My fifteen minutes of fame is nearly up!

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